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This is where Westley and Fezzik fight

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Another view of the fight scene

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Westley runs towards the fight across this open ground with Robin Hood's Stride seen on the left

Robin Hood's Stride, sometimes known as Mock Beggar's Mansion is a rock formation on the Limestone Way in Derbyshire close to Birchover. It features several times in the film, The Princess Bride. The first view we have of Buttercup's farm is from a path close to the rock outcrop. The fight between Westley and Fezzik takes place at the foot of the rocks, and we see Westley running away from the rocks in one shot from Cractcliffe Rocks. (In the film he is depicted as running towards the rock feature.)

The nearest road to Robin Hood's Stride is the B5056. There is limited parking in the valley bottom although this is a good spot to visit both Robin Hood's Stride and the nearby Bradley Rocks.

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